New Study Shows Cannabis Protects Brain from Injury

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Cannabis users are less likely to die from brain trauma than those who don’t use, suggests a new study. The evidence supports the main active ingredient, THC, has a neuroprotective effect on the brain.

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Marijuana Compound THC May Offer Treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease

The University of South Florida (USF Health) found extremely low levels of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol or most famously THC, may slow or halt progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

These low doses reduce the production of amyloid beta, found in a soluble form in most aging brains and prevent abnormal accumulation of this protein. Additionally, it also selectively enhanced mitochondrial function needed to help supply energy, transmit signals and maintain a healthy brain.

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What are the Medical Benefits of CBD’s?

Cannabis has at least 60 known cannabinoids. THC has been shown to have some medical benefits, however, there is a new cannabinoid that could have more medicinal benefits than any single pharmaceutical drug.

A little about Cannabidiol:

~It is the 2nd more abundant cannabinoid.
~Research by G.W. Pharmaceuticals suggests that it could be used for treating arthritis symptoms, auto-immune diseases, diabetes, nausea, bowel disorders as well as other hard to control side effects. has stated it has demonstrated neuro-protective effects and its potential anti-cancer properties are currently being explored.
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~CBD’s unlike THC suppresses appetite which can be beneficial to patients watching their weight.
~CBD helps with stress or anxiety so that patients have the ability to eat after calming their nerves.

The original belief was THC was a breakdown product of CBD, however, we now know that both are actually produced during the breakdown ( or metabolism ) of their decarboxylated acidic forms (the reaction of carboxylic acids removing a carbon atom from a carbon chain), THCa & CBDa. These precursors are dried by heat or extraction to produce both compounds which then become psychoactive. CBD’s offer the medical benefits without the “high” that is more appealing to patients looking for an alternative to current meds.

Even though CBD has almost been bred out of most indica strains, more growers are now focusing on CBD-rich strains for their medicinal benefits over the THC-rich strains.

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Do you know what else CBD’s are good for that I missed?