“The Terrible Truth About Cannabis” Four Reasons Why You Might “Vote No” on Any Pro Medical Marijuana Legislation

Medical Marijuana (or also known as Cannabis) might not be for you. That’s okay, I understand. However, if you are considering “Voting Yes” to Pro Cannabis, here are a few things you might want to consider first.

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Senator Diane Savino & others May Approve First Ever Nationwide Regulated and State Mandated Cannabis Certification Program

Earlier today, President & Founder Robert Calkin delivered his announcement of not only the potentially very first state mandated and nationally regulated Cannabis Certification Program, but his partnership with International Cannabis Association and Cannabis Integrity Authority to be the Official Instructors and Proctors of this history making BETA Pilot test at the 2014 New York ICA Cannabis Regulatory Summit.
The purpose is to provide employers as well as employees entry-level and seasoned with the best training and provide a foundation of professional standards to raise the expectations of self-regulation and compliance to ensure patient safety. This program would take away the guess-work out of starting a business within the developing industry.

The focus of the program is to equip workers with the best education about the products they cultivate, inspect, package and provide. Product education is vital to ensure patients are receiving medicine that is safe and of quality. It is absolutely¬†imperative for this industry’s success that the bar is raised high to change the perspective of the nation whose current opinion is negative.

As more and more states are amending their laws regarding marijuana, this industry could be the next gold rush.

To be apart of this potentially history-making event, registration is available at