“The Terrible Truth About Cannabis” Four Reasons Why You Might “Vote No” on Any Pro Medical Marijuana Legislation

Medical Marijuana (or also known as Cannabis) might not be for you. That’s okay, I understand. However, if you are considering “Voting Yes” to Pro Cannabis, here are a few things you might want to consider first.

1. You believe Marijuana is dangerous.

Marijuana was coined as the “gateway drug” since the 1930’s and still is to this day. It caused pandemonium when it was given the nickname “Devil’s Harvest”. It also caused murder & rape as well as leads to pacifism and communist brainwashing. Marijuana also influenced African Americans to look at white people in the eye, step on white men’s shadows and look at white men twice.


2. You dislike helping the ill.

There are a ton of studies emerging showing cannabis helps with diseases such as chronic pain, seizures, MS, glaucoma, colon cancer, arthritis, & many others. Of course, if you rather patients suffer, then you wouldn’t want these people to have such relief.

3.  You trust Big Pharma.

In reality, Big Pharma’s products has a death toll of about 100,000 people per year. That’s okay right? Cannabis has only had…. zero deaths per year. Wait.

4. You love adverse side effects.

You collect pills like it’s baseball cards. You need 5 other pills to cover the side effects of the first pill you’ve taken. Prescription drugs is way safer than marijuana and you don’t mind having bouts of diarrhea, major headaches, vomiting or the occasional nausea because you have piece of mind knowing that these drugs are safe. Marijuana side effects illustrated by British expert Professor Wayne Hall are far worse since “you could become dependent”, “double your chances of getting into a car crash”, or “reducing your baby’s birth weight”. Your belief is that no other drug or substance has those same effects.

While I had fun writing this article, I wanted to make a point. Yes, there has been a 20 year study by Professor Wayne Hall about the long-term effects of cannabis use. Yes, there are a few side-effects and I won’t deny them, however cannabis does have REAL medicinal benefits that do not including smoking it.

In my opinion and based on my research of clinical articles, marijuana’s side effects are any worse than smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol and many prescription in addition to over the counter meds.

Cannabis industries such as Cannabis Career Institute, International Cannabis Association and Cannabis Integrity Authority are working together to great a different perspective on the industry with a focus on patient safety. They are holding a Cannabis Certification Program in New York October 11th in front of legislators that could potentially be the first mandated and regulated program of its kind at the Cannabis Regulatory Summit New York.


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