My Connection to Cannabis

Here is a quick background.

My grandfather died when I was in grade school from colon cancer. Since I was too young to really understand death, it really didn’t effect me. I grew up not knowing that there could be alternative methods to treating patients with diseases such as cancer. A few months ago, I was told that cannabis could have lessened the suffering and/or helped fight the cancer that my grandfather had. I did not believe them whatsoever! “What? You are nuts!” Then a shift began to change in me. I saw article after article stating similar things about cannabis, so I’ve decided to research into it further to see if what people are saying can be true.


I came across this article The National Center for Biology Information:

The study studied the growth and production of cancer cells & healthy cells in an experimental model of colon cancer in vitro. They used a standardized cannabis sativa extract with a high content of cannabidiol (named CBD BDS in the study). Cell growth and production was reduced only in the tumors, not the healthy cells. CBD BDS was found to reduce cancer’s ability to develop and also inhibiting its growth & development.

Does anyone have similar studies regarding the treatment of colon cancer?




3 thoughts on “My Connection to Cannabis

  1. I don’t believe in “alternative” as it’s usually nonsense, but your article looks like good science. The main problem, for me, is the “high content of cannabidiol”. That’s not just common pot, but some more specialized breed that I don’t think I can find in my area. I wonder if I should just get high every couple of weeks or if I should fly to Colorado (I guess?) to get a fix in the hope that it will improve my chances. I hope you are healthy, learning motivated by your grandfather. Thank you for sharing your article!!!


    • Thank you for taking the time out to read my post & the article! Are you trying to treat a certain disease? The MMJ laws are changing rapidly so hopefully you will have access to it (if that’s what you are looking for)!


      • I am trying to treat a colon cancer that I hope is already gone. I had my colon removed in July, but it came out with a “bonus”. I will soon get radiation and chemo for any cells that may have stayed inside. I live in Mexico City, and at most, there’s access to pot in the black market, but it’s not the variety that includes this particular chemical in a large doses, so I don’t know if it’s an option. I don’t even want to smoke it. I will end up asking a friend to bake “vegetarian” brownies for me and getting high with them! Oh! I can’t even imagine!


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